Bupropion for the Prevention of Postpartum Smoking Relapse

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18 Years to 40 Years old
This study is also accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

• Ability to provide informed consent
• Age 18 to 40 years old
• Stable health
• 7-day point prevalence abstinence demonstrated at randomization
• Lifetime history of at least 100 cigarettes smoked
• Quit smoking during the current pregnancy
• Self-report of intention to remain abstinent after delivery ≥ 7 on a 10 point Likert-type scale
• Uncomplicated delivery
• Denies plans to become pregnant again during the trial.
• Full-term delivery ≥ 37 weeks gestation
• Home within 10 days of delivery
Exclusion Criteria:

• Current use of other forms of tobacco or nicotine (e-cigs, chew, snuff, etc.)
• Current use of cessation aids (e.g., varenicline, NRT)
• Current use of illicit drugs or alcohol dependence
• Current use of antidepressant medication
• Bipolar disorder, eating disorder, or psychotic disorder based on the Structured Clinical Interview
• Medications & conditions that may increase the risk of taking bupropion (e.g., current or history of pulmonary embolus, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, glaucoma, diabetes, seizure disorder, traumatic head injury, use of medications metabolized by CYP2D6)
• Family history of seizures or seizure disorder
• Maternal use of medications that lower seizure threshold
• Newborn with an elevated risk of seizure

Drug: Bupropion Extended Release Oral Tablet, Drug: Placebo oral tablet

Postpartum Smoking Relapse

Katherine Harrison -
Sharon Allen, PhD
Phase 4
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