What researchers and study teams need to know about StudyFinder

StudyFinder displays data about actively enrolling studies at the University of Minnesota and M Health Fairview in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. This information is extracted nightly from OnCore, ETHOS, and StudyFinder uses this data to generate a unique URL and dedicated landing page for your study.

To help potential participants navigate and connect with research opportunities, we encourage you to review your studies periodically to ensure information is up to date.

Potential participants may email you via StudyFinder to inquire about a study. Study teams should work directly with these potential participants, and reach out to the StudyFinder team with any questions.

All studies on StudyFinder must be:

How to update your study

Study information is sourced from OnCore, ETHOS, and To update your study’s information on StudyFinder, you will need to edit your record in OnCore and/or ETHOS.

Update OnCore

Note: If your study is registered on and the NCT# is in your OnCore record, only annotation #37 is required (Display on StudyFinder? Yes/No). If you choose to complete additional annotations to improve your StudyFinder listing, data from these fields will replace the data coming from

Update ETHOS

OnCore is the preferred method for updating your StudyFinder listing. In order to link the study data from these two systems, make sure your NCT number is entered into your OnCore record. If you need assistance accessing your account and navigating the website, contact the Specialist at You can also refer to these tutorials for updating study information.

Customizing your study landing page

The StudyFinder team can adjust the following information about your study if you email us at

Common reasons why a study is not displaying on StudyFinder

Need more help?

For more detailed information on how to include your study on StudyFinder, view our self-help guide. If you have questions or comments, or need assistance updating your study information, please contact us at