Creativity Camp Study


This study pursues the question of whether deep engagement in creative activities may benefit adolescents with depression symptoms by introducing a more flexible way of thinking, helping adolescents recognize and foster their own creative talents, and (ultimately) developing more positive views of themselves and their futures.

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up to 18 Years old
This study is also accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:
age 12-17, no clinical diagnosis required (phase 1), depressive symptoms (phase 2)
Exclusion Criteria:
Any MRI contraindications, neurodevelopmental disorder, significant medical conditions that would interfere with participation, current active suicidal ideation and refusal to safety plan, history of significant neurological conditions that might confound MRI analyses.

Children's Health, Mental Health & Addiction

Adolescents, Camp, Creativity, Depression, Diversity, Flexibility, Summer

Michaelle DiMaggio-Potter -
Kathryn Cullen
Phase I/II