Circuit-Based Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons disease; Udall Project 1 Aim 2 and 3


Study objectives: -To characterize spontaneous and movement-related LFP changes in STN and GP in externalized patients under conditions that modulates the severity of tremor, bradykinesia and rigidity (off meds/off stim; on meds/off stim; off meds/on stim, on meds/on stim). -To characterize and compare the relative effect of different forms of closed loop stimulation (e.g., triggered at specific thresholds of low beta/HFO PAC or beta band activity) to standard isochronal high frequency DBS on motor signs and performance during movement.

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22 Years to 85 Years old
This study is NOT accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

• Diagnosis of idiopathic PD
• A history of a good response to levodopa (carbidopa/levodopa) defined as at least a 30% improvement in motor UPDRS score
• DBS surgery or IPG battery replacement at UMN is planned as part of routine clinical care.
Exclusion Criteria:

• Other significant neurological disorder
• History of dementia
• Prior history of stereotactic neurosurgery
• Patients with post-operative complications or adverse effects (e.g. ON stimulation dystonias) that affect patient safety or confound the experiment will be excluded from further study
• Pregnant women

Device: Stimulation

Parkinson Disease

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