Telehealth study assessing the removal of filter ventilation on smoking behavior and biomarkers


This single-blind, between-subject, randomized, multi-center study will assess the effect of cigarettes with unventilated vs. ventilated filters on smoking behavior and biomarkers of tobacco toxicant exposure. The study uses telehealth and brief in-clinic or curbside visits and will also examine the feasibility of remote collection of multiple biological samples. Subjective measures, alveolar carbon monoxide, blood pressure and cigarettes per day will be collected remotely. Biological samples collected at home will be dropped off at the clinic at a brief clinic or curbside visit where the study cigarettes will be dispensed. Smokers using conventional cigarette brands with filter ventilation of about 16-36% will enter a three phase study. Phase 1 is a 1-week baseline period of smoking usual brand cigarettes; Phase 2 consists of 2 weeks of smoking ventilated cigarettes; and Phase 3 where subjects are randomly assigned to one of two conditions: 1) ventilated cigarettes; or 2) unventilated cigarettes smoked for a 6 week period. Weekly telehealth visits are conducted to collect study measures and subjects attend a brief clinic or curbside visits to pick up study cigarettes and drop off biomarker samples. A follow-up telehealth visit will occur at one-month post intervention.

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-21 years old or greater -Current smoker -Generally in good health -Access to smartphone or tablet -Device capable of Telehealth visit

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Mental Health & Addiction

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