A Randomized Phase II Study Comparing Single-Agent Olaparib, Single Agent Cediranib, and the Combination of Cediranib/Olaparib in Women with Recurrent, Persistent or Metastatic Endometrial Cancer


To compare the efficacy of single-agent olaparib and the combination of olaparib and cediranib (and potentially other combination arms that may be added by subsequent amendment) versus single agent cediranib as measured by progression free survival (PFS), in patients with recurrent, persistent or metastatic endometrial cancer.

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Endometrial Undifferentiated Carcinoma, Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma, Recurrent Endometrial Serous Adenocarcinoma, Recurrent Uterine Corpus Cancer, Stage IV Uterine Corpus Cancer AJCC v7, Stage IVA Uterine Corpus Cancer AJCC v7, Stage IVB Uterine Corpus Cancer AJCC v7

Lauren Aase -
Phase II
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