Effects of Music Based Intervention (MBI) on Neurodevelopment and Pain Response in Preterm Infants


Study design: Pilot prospective randomized, double blinded, controlled study to test effect of music based intervention (MBI) on pain response and neuro development in preterm infants. Aim 1: Characterize differences in preterm pain responses between MBI and controls.The objective of this aim is to understand the behavioral processes of MBI on pain in preterm infants by comparing the PIPP and EEG pain responses in the MBI and control cohorts. Aim 2: Identify differences between MBI and controls in preterm brain maturation and early neurodevelopment.The objective of this aim is to explore biological mechanisms of MBI on preterm brain maturation and neurodevelopment using electroencephalography (EEG) and event related potentials (ERPs).

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28 Weeks to 32 Weeks old
Inclusion Criteria:
Preterm infant born at 30 weeks (+/- 2 weeks) Medically stable
Exclusion Criteria:
Treatment for major organ system disease Significant neurological disorder including, but not limited to, abnormal neurological examination, neonatal abstinence syndrome, intraventricular hemorrhage, seizures, meningitis, or congenital brain malformations Scalp lesions affecting EEG placement

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Music Based Intervention, Preterm Infant Pain Profile

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Sonya Wang
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