Low sulfur fecal transplant for ulcerative colitis


This study is a pilot randomized controlled clinical trial examining how fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) given by capsules can change the bacteria and inflammation in people with active ulcerative colitis (UC). We will look at global changes of bacterial composition while on FMT versus those not on FMT. We are examining some specific groups of bacteria that are related to sulfate reduction. Will will measure the changes of sulfate reducing bacteria over time and among those who get better and those who don't. Overall, we aim to determine if we can alter the microbiota in UC towards a healthy, more diverse microbiota resembling the donor using capsule FMT material.

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18 Years to 89 Years old
This study is NOT accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

• Able and willing to provide consent
• English speaking
• Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis based on typical clinical-histopathic diagnosis
• Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis > 3 months
• Active disease on endoscopy (endoscopic Mayo subscore ≥ 1)
• Evidence of inflammation extending beyond a minimum of 20cm
• Any ongoing ulcerative colitis therapy must be at stable doses for 4 weeks prior to study and remain stable over the course of the study
Exclusion Criteria:

• Extensive bowel resection
• Presence of ileostomy or colostomy
• Suspicion of ischemic colitis, radiation colitis or microscopic colitis
• Diagnosis of Crohn's disease
• Diagnosis of per-anal fistula or abscess
• Adenomatous polyps that have not been removed
• Use of pre or probiotics within 30 days of randomization
• Pregnancy
• Severe food allergies
• End stage liver disease or cirrhosis
• An absolute neutrophil count < 500 cell/µL
• Life expectancy < 6 months

Drug: Fecal microbiota, Other: Placebo

Ulcerative Colitis, Digestive & Liver Health

inflammatory bowel disease

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Byron Vaughn
Phase 1
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