EnVision CF Multicenter Study of Glucose Tolerance in Cystic Fibrosis


The purpose of this research study is because Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD) has been identified by the cystic fibrosis (CF) community as one of the top ten priorities for CF research. We know that high blood sugars caused by not enough insulin lead to worse lung function in CF even before diabetes develops. However, we do not know which people with abnormal blood sugars will have long term problems.

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6 Years to old
Inclusion Criteria:
Age >/= 6 years Diagnosis of cystic fibrosis CF patients regularly attending the CF centers Clinically stable in previous 3wks: absence of major clinical events including pulmonary exacerbations, no change in their habitual treatment regimen including introduction of antibiotics or steroids in the past 3 weeks
Exclusion Criteria:
Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or MODY Organ transplantation new diagnosis of CFRD in the past 6 months antidiabetic treatment in past 6 mos (insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents) -patients with previous CFRD diagnosis, but not currently taking insulin/glucose-lowering medications for at least 6 months should be included pulmonary exacerbation associated with systemic steroid requirement in the last 6 months on CFTR corrector less than 6 months prior to enrollment

Diagnostic Test: Continuous glucose monitoring, Diagnostic Test: Dexa scan, Diagnostic Test: Oral glucose tolerance test

Cystic Fibrosis-related Diabetes

cystic fibrosis, insulin, glucose, children, abnormal glucose tolerance, impaired glucose tolerance, indeterminate glycemia, diabetes

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