The Lung Cell Study (TLC)


The purpose of our research study is to increase our understanding on the human lung immune response to infection. We aim to use this knowledge to develop novel approaches on the prevention and treatment of lung infections. To accomplish this, we plan to obtain cells from the airways and blood of healthy volunteers to perform immune experiments.

I'm interested

Male or Female
18 years and over
This study is also accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

Healthy volunteers
without systemic or respiratory disease.
• Former smokers (quit > 6 months ago) or never smoked, including marijuana
• Between the ages of 18-65 years
Exclusion Criteria:

• Current or recent illness within the preceding two weeks.
• Presence or prior history of cardiac, pulmonary, or systemic disease
• Bleeding disorder
• Current use of systemic anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy
• Immunocompromised state (HIV infection, immunoglobulin deficiency, use of systemic immunosuppressant medications)
• Use of any inhaled substance, including tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarettes, cocaine, methamphetamines, or toxic vapors in the past six months or greater than ten pack-year smoking history
• Alcohol use disorder
• Allergy or prior adverse reaction to lidocaine, midazolam, or fentanyl Pregnancy
• Weight less than 110 lbs (for venipuncture)
• Older than 65 years of age

Immune Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory System

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Maria Alejandra Pizarro Salazar -
Monica Campo Patino