Diabetes RElated to Acute pancreatitis and its Mechanisms (DREAM)


The purpose of this research study is to find out how many people with acute pancreatitis develop diabetes. Risk factors for diabetes and the types of diabetes that occur after acute pancreatitis will also be studied. A small number of people who already had diabetes before their acute pancreatitis attack will be enrolled for comparison. Diabetes is a known complication of acute pancreatitis. Diabetes can last a few weeks after acute pancreatitis and get better. Diabetes may not improve after acute pancreatitis. It can also appear a year or more after acute pancreatitis. Little data is available on diabetes after acute pancreatitis. This study will help us better understand diabetes after acute pancreatitis and who is at increased risk of developing it, as well as the different types of diabetes. We are asking participants to take part in this research study who have recently had an acute pancreatitis attack. Participants may be on this study for up to 5 years. There is a screening/enrollment visit, a metabolic visit and 5 year follow-up period. If you had diabetes before your acute pancreatitis attack, your study participation will end after the enrollment visit. If you did not have diabetes before your acute pancreatitis attack, you will return to the clinic for up to 6 more visits. An additional two visits can be done either at the clinic or by phone. If you are diagnosed with diabetes during the follow-up period, you will be asked to come in for an additional visit.

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Melena Bellin