Characterization of spleen motion and anatomy using imaging and sensors


This research is being performed to examine how the spleen moves during breathing in various body positions and breathing conditions. Physical measurements of the participant's body will be recorded (weight, height, and body dimensions) and then noninvasive recordings of the spleen and breathing patterns will be recorded. The spleen motion will be measured using standard abdominal ultrasound imaging, and breathing will be measured with accelerometers (small devices about the size of a quarter that measure the movement of the chest during breathing).

I'm interested

Male or Female
18 years and over
This study is also accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

• at least 18 years old
Exclusion Criteria:

• individuals who have had a splenectomy
• people with breathing difficulties and/or individuals for whom short breath holds and modification of breathing patterns is difficult or uncomfortable
• unable to maintain five body positions: sitting, sitting with a 45 degree recline, laying on back (supine), laying on right side, and laying face down (prone) comfortably and independently
• unable to speak and read English

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Hubert Lim