DegenPRO: A multicenter prospective registry for the management of degenerative spine disorders


This is an observational registry database for adult patients diagnosed with degenerative spine disorders, which aims to add information to the understanding of the disease management of this spine diseases. By creating this registry, a more complete picture of degenerative spine disorders - including treatment practices - will be established, by collecting information about the health status of patients across several hospitals in several countries. Research of this kind will help future patients by providing doctors with information about degenerative spine disorders, and about patients' treatment outcomes. Data from this registry may be used to generate descriptive statistics on demographics, and clinical characteristics, including co-morbidities, treatment patterns and adverse outcomes (resulting from treatment or disease), as well as patients' quality of life measurements. Condition: Patients with a degenerative spine disorder Intervention/procedure investigated: No specific treatment required. Study design: Prospective case series

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Degenerative Diseases, Spinal Cord

Clinics and Surgery Center (CSC), Osteobiologics, Registry, Spinal Fusion, Spine

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