Neurobiological and Psychological Maintenance Mechanisms Associated with Anticipatory Rewards in Bulimia Nervosa


The purpose of this investigation is to identify the potentially crucial role of anticipatory reward mechanisms maintaining bulimic behavior (i.e., binge eating and purging) in bulimia nervosa (BN).

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Male or Female
18 years and over
This study is also accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

• ages 18 to 55 years
• right handed
• able to read and speak English
• at least one bulimic episode and one self-induced vomiting episode per week for at least three months
• stable dose (for at least 6 weeks) in medication that affects mood, appetite, or weight
• For Healthy Participants: right handed, speak and read English, no history of eating disorder
Exclusion Criteria:

• history of gastric bypass
• current medical or psychiatric illness instability (e.g. hospitalization in past 3 months
• history of psychosis or bipolar disorder
• current substance use disorder
• neurological disease
• BMI less than 19 kg/m^2

Mental Health & Addiction

Bulimia Nervosa

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