Precision Anesthesia: A Genomics Study of Post Cesarean Section Narcotic Requirements


This is planned as a multicenter project that will enroll 25 elective Cesarean section patients and gather demographic data, perioperative opioid requirements and perform genetic testing to seek preliminary evidence linking the extremes of opioid requirements (high and low) to genetics. This is intended as a pilot project to demonstrate proof of concept and the feasibility of a much larger multicenter study, with the eventual goal of defining the genomics of postoperative opioid requirements needed for pain control.

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18 Years and over
This study is NOT accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion Criteria:

• 1
Inclusion Criteria:
Pregnant patients (ages 18 to 40) undergoing elective c-section delivery
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Exclusion Criteria:
Inability to consent Emergency C-sections (e.g. for fetal distress, placental abruptions, or failure to progress). C-sections requiring a planned general anesthetic. C-sections requiring non-standard surgical incisions (vertical as opposed to horizontal incisions which would be expected to alter the postoperative pain profile)

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Candace Nelson -
Ferne Braveman