Study Of Drinks With Artificial Sweeteners in People With Type 2 Diabetes

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35 Years and over
This study is NOT accepting healthy volunteers
Inclusion criteria: We will include men, women and non-binary participants with T2D, age 35 years and older, able to provide informed consent, otherwise healthy, who meet the following criteria:
• Physician diagnosed type 2 diabetes ≥ 6 months prior to screening
• HbA1c 6.5-8.5% at participant screening
• Current treatment with lifestyle changes or stable diabetes-related medication levels for the past 3 months
• Willingness to provide consent to contact treating physician and physician agreement to refrain from changing diabetes-related medications during the trial (change defined as > 2 fold change in dose of any 1 hyperglycemic agent or addition or subtraction of an agent)
• No physician-directed medication change for 3 months if prescribed medication for lipids or blood pressure
• Usual consumers of diet beverages (≥ 3 servings/ week (24 oz.) and the willingness to maintain fidelity of the intervention, and participate in all aspects of the intervention
• Not actively looking to make major lifestyle alterations during the study period with stable weight for 2 months (within 3%).
Exclusion Criteria:

• Type 1 diabetes or suspected type 1 diabetes (lean with polyuria, polydipsia, and weight loss with little response to metformin)
• "Secondary" diabetes due to specific causes (e.g. monogenic syndromes, pancreatic surgery, and pancreatitis)
• Diabetic Ketoacidosis hospitalization within last 6 months
• Severe/major hypoglycemia in the last 3 months-severe/major hypoglycemia is defined as a hypoglycemic event in which patient requires assistance of another person to manage the episode
• Glucocorticoid use (prednisone 2.5 mg/d or more or its equivalent)
• History of intolerance or allergy to diet beverages or AS or phenylketonuria
• Any condition that is known to affect the validity of the glycemic measures (Hba1c)
• Major cardiovascular disease event or surgery within past 6 months
• Gastrointestinal disease
• Renal or liver disease
• Current treatment for cancer
• Those with major surgery planned or history of bariatric surgery
• Antibiotic treatment (> 6 days) within past 6 months
• Currently pregnant (via self-report) or planning to become pregnant during study period; <1 year postpartum and breast feeding
• Current participation in another interventional clinical trial
• Previous randomization in this study,
• Heavy alcohol consumption (on average >2 drinks/day for women and >3 drinks/day for men)
• Habitual consumer of SSB ≥ 1 serving / day (8 oz.)
• Does not drink diet beverages
• BMI < 20.0 kg/m2

Behavioral: Diet Beverage, Behavioral: Water

Type 2 Diabetes

Diet beverages, diet, diabetes control, artificial sweeteners, continuous glucose monitor, gut microbiome, metabolomics

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